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Fiona Casey

For me it all started growing up in a large family that loves to celebrate life's events with good food, good wines and an intimate atmosphere. With a strong passion for making every gathering special, it was an easy transition into the world of special events. I realized early on that every great party starts with one great idea and that is what I have passed onto my team.

Being a boutique caterer means we dedicate our time and energy to each client and help them grow their idea to an event that is more than they could have imagined. We take on each client with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to create an affair they will always remember. That is why we attract clients who are passionate about their events and in particular food, service and design.

What differences have you noticed about catering now versus 20 years ago? The industry has evolved in many ways, twenty years ago, most events were sold as packages where you could pick option one, two or three (beef, fish or chicken) and a chair was something to sit on and a linen was something that covered the table. Now each event detail is planned and designed to create a unique experience.

If you were getting married tomorrow what would you serve at your wedding? I love brunch and would have to have James' baked French toast casserole with praline topping and Vermont maple syrup. Of course I would have to ask my fiancé his opinion.

Eamon Casey

James Murcko
Executive Chef

Cuisine Chez Vous is proud to have Executive Chef James Murcko as part of our award winning team. Chef Murcko's attention to detail is unsurpassed. His use of only the freshest ingredients from the regions finest purveyors allows him to create superb cuisine.

Under his guidance the meticulous and creative kitchen team produces a repertoire of delectables from exquisite hors d'oeuvres to luscious desserts.

What differences have you noticed from today's menu versus the menus 20 years ago? A choice of entrée. The host used to have one entrée for everyone but now having a choice for their guests is very important. People are also much more conscious of what is seasonal and local. People weren't asking where the food came from or what was in season. Now the clients know what chefs have known all along; fresh local food just tastes better.

If you were getting married tomorrow, what would your menu include? The first course would be seared day boat scallops with micro greens and citrus vinaigrette. For an entrée we would have beef short ribs with a rosemary Zinfandel sauce. I am not into wedding cake but I do love Kate's (our pastry chef) cupcakes.