Cake Flavors

cake flavors

all of our wedding cakes are made in house and iced with French buttercream

cake flavors

vanilla chiffon cake

rich chocolate cake

lemon cake

red velvet cake

carrot cake

five spice cake

pumpkin cake


raspberry or strawberry mousse

chocolate or mocha mousse

mascarpone or peanut butter mousse

chocolate, mocha or espresso ganache

lemon curd with fresh raspberries

cream cheese

chocolate buttercream with raspberry jam


popular flavor combinations


butter pecan cake

vanilla chiffon cake with English toffee and pecan brittle buttercream filling, buttercream icing


rich chocolate cake with mint mousse filling, buttercream icing


lime scented rum cake with a light mint buttercream filling, buttercream icing

peanut butter and jelly

vanilla chiffon cake with raspberry jam and peanut butter mousse filling, buttercream icing

raspberry macaroon

almond cake with raspberry jam and almond butter cream filling, buttercream icing


coffee and brandy scented vanilla chiffon cake with mascarpone mousse filling, buttercream icing

strawberry shortcake

vanilla chiffon cake with fresh strawberries and strawberry mousse filling, buttercream icing

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